Our machines arrive on a pallet, we recommend two people being present. It’s kerbside delivery only.

Any of our “Ready To Ship” machines will arrive on a next day delivery service if ordered before 10 am. Any machines that are built to order will have a specified date for delivery. See image for example.

Bitcade Arcade Machine Upgrades

Yes, we do, we charge £250 for delivery to Europe. You will need to obtain an EORI number (personal or business, depending on the delivery address) for us to send your cabinet. Bitcade is not responsible for any additional custom fees. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we will not ship outside of the UK and EU.

Different cabinets will have different options of game boards. On our products page, you can find our “Games Lists” which will show you exactly which games come with which game board. The more expensive boards have more games. The Hyperspin boards run on a Windows PC and allows you to connect devices like trackballs and light guns.

Yes, all of our machines have a 1-year warranty.

We provide free mainland UK delivery. Additional charges will occur for overseas locations. Please email us at sales@bitcade.co.uk for more information.

(Possibly our most asked question) We DO provide a power cable, this is stuck to the outside of your cabinet in a sealed jiffy bag. So don’t throw away your packaging until you find it.

As well as for personal use, we also sell our cabinets for retail, pubs, bars, offices and everything in between. We can also make bespoke, custom artwork for your cabinet to reflect your retail/commercial business. If you’re thinking of a custom design, be sure to message sales@bitcade.co.uk and we can help you.

Yes, we can add a coin mechanism for either home use or for commercial purposes. Please drop us a message if you’re thinking of adding one and we can recommend what we think is best. All of our coin mechanisms are programmed to take £1 coins, however, this can be changed if needed at home.

Absolutely. For an additional £99 we can make bespoke, custom artwork for your cabinet. If you’re thinking of a custom design, be sure to message sales@bitcade.co.uk and we can help you.

No, not at all. All of our machines are plug and play.

On our Homepage, there will be a tab at the top called “Instructions”, click there and enter the password that’s been sent to you. These instructions include how to navigate your machine as well as solutions to common issues.

Yes, all of our cabinets have been designed with practicality in mind, meaning they will fit through any UK size door, enabling you to put it in any room you please.

A coffee arcade table is designed to be played low down, in a lounge setting either sat on the floor or on a sofa. A cocktail arcade table is much taller and it most at home in a setting where you can use stools

Any cabinet with an Upgraded PC (Hyperspin 9000 in 1) has the ability to add more games as it runs on a Windows 10 PC. These games will need to be added by yourself. Any other type of cabinet will not be able to add additional games.

We have a team of technical helpers who are able to help you out with any issues you may have. Just email us at support@bitcade.co.uk and we can get your problem solved.

Unfortunately, we do not have a dedicated showroom, but if there is something specific you are after looking at then please get in touch on sales@bitcade.co.uk and we can either arrange a video call or we can schedule a time for you to visit. In-person visits will be by appointment only.

If you’re using an external controller with your BitBoy (as it’s plugged into the TV), you will need to use a controller that can plug into the BitBoy with a USB adaptor/cable. You will not be able to use a wireless controller and connect via Bluetooth.

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