Arcade Machine Custom Branding

As well as our ready to ship options, we offer a huge selection of customisation on all of our arcade cabinets. These can range from tiny changes to buttons and lights to complete overhauls of every detail. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers as much or as little customisation as they want. 

As well as looking great in a home setting, our machines can showcase different brands in offices, events or even promotions. We’ve worked with some fantastic people over the years such as Amazon, KFC, Activision, Huel, Stafford University and University West of England (UWE). We’ve even had some celebrities involved in the action, supplying custom orders for Gary Barlow and Liverpool striker Firmino.

All of these orders have had bespoke, custom vinyl’s and branding, something we get very excited about. So whether you’re promoting a new 80’s TV show, showing off at a corporate event or simply want to fill some space in your new office, we have everything you need to create the best machine possible.

All custom artwork designs cost an additional £99 and any questions can be sent straight to

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