Controls for Keyboard Based Systems

Controls for Keyboard Based Systems

Atari ST - Controls

While in game press F12 to open the Hatari main menu, to reconfigure controls select either joysticks or keyboards

Default Keyboard Controls:

Up: up
                Down: down
                Left: left
                Right: right
                Fire: RCTRL
                to exit the emulator you can use alt+q or select quit from the F12 menu

Amiga - Controls

lctrl      - joy 1/mouse 1 (button X in gui)
                lalt       - joy 2/mouse 2 (button Y in gui)
                lshift     - joy 1 autofire (button A in gui)
                z          - mouse 1  (button B in gui)
                5          - switch input between mouse/joystick
                arrow keys - up / down / left / right
                F12 (UAE4ARM) and/or [CTRL]+[ESC]

Helpful Video


C64 - Controls

Start Game: Spacebar
                Menu: F12
                Select: Enter
                Cancel: Backspace
                Exit GUI: Escape
                Changing Controls:
                -Press F12 to enter menu
                -Navigate to machine settings and press enter
                -Navigate to Joystick settings and press enter
                -Navigate to Joystick device in port 2 and press enter
                -to use a numpad to play your game navigate to Numpad and press enter
                     -Up: 8
                     -Up/Right: 9
                     -Up/Left: 7
                     -Left: 4
                     -Right: 8
                     -Down: 2
                     -Down/Left: 1
                     -Down/Right: 3
                     -Fire: 0
                -to use a Joystick (gamepad) instead, navigate to Joystick and press enter
                Go into 
                - settings management
                - save settings on exit
                - save current settings
                - save hotkeys
                - save joystick map

ZX Spectrum - Controls

  • Buttons A, X and Y are mapped to the joystick's fire button, and button B is mapped to the UP directional button.

  • Buttons L1 and R1 are mapped to RETURN and SPACE, respectively.

  • The SELECT button brings up the embedded, on-screen keyboard.