Arcade Machine Accessories

Browse our range of arcade machine accessories suitable for flat-pack upright arcade cabinet kits, bartop arcade machines and other arcade units.

Whether you are currently looking to build a new arcade machine, rent and hire, or replace parts on an existing system, we have everything you need.

This includes SNES controllers, arcade-style fight sticks, wireless keyboards and a whole range of buttons and cables.

If you have any special custom requirements or questions please get in touch with us by emailing

3mm Button Plastic for upright

This is a 3mm sheet of plastic that has been cut for our 2 player control panel  Please note this has a 21 day lead time 

Bitboy - The Retro Handheld Games Console
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Bitboy - The Retro Handheld Games Console

  Next day delivery on this item  The Bitboy is so simple to use, just plug and play! Just press the power button and before you know it you'll b...

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Arcade Machine Buyers Guide

Purchasing an arcade machine is a big step, there are lots of decisions to make on everything from artwork to accessories and even the type of game board. So we've but together this handy buyers guide with the most common questions we get asked.

If you can't find an answer here then email us and we'll be happy to help

The average cost of one of our Arcade Machines across all styles is approximately £1400. Our basic unit is £999 and our high end is £2249 without factoring in upgrades.

We have a number of upgrades for you to choose, from lightguns, button packs through to game boards and many more. If you’re not sure, get in touch with us and we’ll happily talk you through them all.

This really depends on what sort of gaming experience you want. Often this comes from the kinds of games you like to play, where the machine will live (at home or work) and your budget. All of these factors influence screen size, artwork, game selection and physical size.

Again get in touch with us and we can advise you.

We offer four different types of game board, these include Pandora Box 6 (1,300 in 1); Retropie; Standard PC - Hyperspin (9,000 in 1) or an Upgraded PC - Hyperspin (9,000 in 1).

Each of the boards has different menus and different games lists. The more expensive boards have more games. The Hyperspin boards run on a Windows PC and allows you to connect devices like trackballs and light guns.

We supply the only light gun on the market at the moment. It's called Aimtrak and it uses IR technology like the Nintendo Wii. There is a new light gun launching soon called Siden which we hope to be able to offer soon.

Delivery is kerb side but everything is secure inside so you can lift it into place with 2 people. The arcade machine weighs between 60-100kg.

Yes all arcade machines use an IEC socket and provided cable. They will plug into any household socket using the same style cable as a computer. It's called a kettle lead.

No you won’t need coins, however we can fit a coin mechanism if you would like. Customers either would like these for the “feeling” or to make money in a pub or other place of business, There is an additional cost to install.

All machines can have the coin mechanism installed except the 24 inch machines. If you don't have a coin mechanism installed then the machine is set to free play or you have a “credit” button on the hyperspin machines.

No, we don't service or repair older arcade machines.

Yes we carry replacements and spares for our machines. Not for older arcade machines.

In the very rare circumstances that an arcade machine is delivered to you faulty. We will fix it. Either on-site or we will replace it with a new machine.

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